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And A.R. does it again!!! I love this song, shared by my pal Vaisak. ­čÖé

Song: Vellai Pookal, Singer:AR.Rahman, Movie : Kannathil Muthamital & For One drop Organization
Composer:AR.Rahman, Lyrics :Vairamutthu
A.R.Rahman Joins hands with the One drop organization.. The song sung by ARR is Vellai pookal which was used in the movie Kannathil muthamital..
This song has won the Indian National award for Best Music and Best lyrics.


Sometimes all we can do is hope. This is a story of a girl who chooses to believe in something greater than herself. We were inspired to write this story because of the hope we have in our father in heaven.

Every view raises money for a not-for-profit organization called Red Balloon. Their mission is to inspire people to help sick children through music. Learn more about them:

Anyone can become a sponsor of this video and donate 1 penny for each view this video receives through September 15. Sign up by emailing You can also help this cause by spreading this video.

Song: Till the world ends

Artist: Britney Spears

Album: Femme Fatale

Beautifully crafted Night Club Disco vid by Britney. I like the song too, rocking gud –┬ásomething┬áthat stands out!


Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

Rocking vid, nice song. His album’s also pretty good! (Doo Wops and Hooligans – that’s the album, no idea what it means ;)) N’joy…

Classic Customer service!

It’s a Discover Card commercial. Reminded me of our call centres!


Fifteen, Taylor Swift

Awesome one. In this age where suicides due to love failure are in the daily news, this song serves as a moral lesson for both sexes. Also, for those who feel cheated in love, it’s sad, but time is a healer and believe that you’ll find a better person in your life, it’s all for your good.

Anyway, one more dedication from me to you. Enjoy!

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B-e-a-utiful, Megan Nicole

Awesome!!! Really ‘beautiful’ one by┬áMegan Nicole, I feel like hitting the replay button again and again!!! N’joy!


Music and Lyrics by Megan Nicole, Lairs Johnston, Stephen Folden, and Tom Mgrdichian

Produced by : Tom Mgrdichian and Chris Cox

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U Nice one for starters! Look at the way Rihanna and Eminem are compared to children! ­čśë

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A warm welcome to all.

Hi! I’m Melvin, back with a new site for awesome videos!

Just starting off, plz bless me with your contributions…

B4 that, all those who’d like to join, plz leave your email address below!

I’m posting the first vid in the next post ­čÖé